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20 July 2024

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    With 15+ years of proven experience in dentistry, AntalyaDentSmile offices provide a wide range of general, and cosmetic dental treatments, including everything from check-ups and cleanings to tooth whitening and implants.


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    Dentists in our clinic are expert on Dental Implant, Smile Makeover, Dental Veneer and many more solutions for your healthy smile!

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    At Antalya Dent Smile, we take great pride in our dedication to providing you with exceptional dental care. Our primary focus is on designing the best and healthiest smiles for our clients. From the initial consultation to the final result, we ensure that every step of your treatment is tailored to meet your unique needs and expectations.

    Experience the difference with our top-quality dental services, state-of-the-art technology, and a team of highly qualified specialists who are passionate about helping you achieve a smile that is both beautiful and healthy. Your journey to a perfect smile starts here – because at Antalya Dent Smile, your satisfaction is our highest priority.

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    Jose LopesJose Lopes
    00:11 09 Apr 23
    Departed from Canada to Antalya to fix mysmile(teeth)I couldn't ask for a betterexperience.l highly recommend this clinicpecause from the beginning of my proce .May has answered all my questions andconcerns within 24 hours. Every aspect cAntayla DentSmile team was amazing, veprofessional and very attentive to my neeMay made sure I arrived safely at the airand had a pleasant stay at the hotel, shesent me a message when I returned toCanada to check on me, that's what I callexcellent customer service. The driver wasalways on time and very friendly.Turkey is abeautiful country and Antalya is very safe totravel alone.The hotel is beautiful with a niceview of the ocean.Honestly, I couldn't behappier that I chose this clinic to do mytreatment. The price is very affordablecompared to other countries.Therefore to myfellow Canadians this is the place to go!
    Susan RennieSusan Rennie
    10:32 01 Apr 23
    Antalya Dent Smile 😃 are amazing 👏. The clinic is modern clean with up to date equipment. The staff are kind and friendly and always greet you with a smile. My interpreter Mahmut was fantastic. He was supportive, kind, and easy to get along with, and I always felt safe knowing I could always contact him at any time. The organisation of the clinic was 1st class 👏 from meeting me at the airport, picking me up from the hotel and taking me to the clinic, then taking me back to my hotel after appointments. I can honestly say my experience with Antalya Dent Smile passed all my expectations 🙌 I would definitely recommend anyone to go and experience 😊 the clinic with lovely experienced professional people. 😊Sue UK
    Cristian NeaguCristian Neagu
    10:54 31 Mar 23
    I'm skeptical by nature and I question everything. In my case, I was at the lowest I could bear, having 14 teeth missing, 10 broken ones and whatever was left had cavities. I spent couple of months looking for a place that would give me confidence that they can work on this. I received tens of quotes and most of them felt unrealistic. How can someone promise me that everything will be done in 7 to 10 days? I'm not a dentist but not an imbecile either so it was hard to find a trustworthy clinic. When I started talking with someone at Dent Smile I was told that it's not going to be easy but definitely not impossible. I wanted something like "all on 4". Quick fix, job done, Bob's your uncle. Go home. But I was presented with options that meant a bit more complex intervention that could save whatever was still healthy in my mouth and that sparked my interest. Once I got to the clinic, 4 different experienced doctors had an input on my treatment plan to make sure we go for the best available option. I was fully confident in their skills and I had no second thoughts. I ended up having 10 extractions, 10 implants and both of my sinuses lifted in a 2 hours surgery. (Side note: the surgeon was out of this world. What he did in my mouth was an work of art and I was worries free at the end of it seeing how proud he is of his work!)Went back home for healing andI was given documents for each implant and each procedure that I had so I could go to finish my treatment anywhere in the world (why would I, if this worked perfect for me?)I'm a heavy smoker, I drink tons of coffee and I have a chaotic lifestyle but still, healing went smooth and I didn't had the slightest issue. Because of personal reasons I had to delay my second visit but finally I managed to travel again to the clinic and finish my treatment. Out of the 10 implants, one had failed (in the cold season I developed an infection and although I treated it it seems that it affected the implant.) I was again given options and I choose to have a new, sturdier implant fitted. That didn't influence the treatment too much and we could carry on having the whole project finished. So here I am, all done and ready to start a new life.So this is not just a dental clinic, this is a place where experienced doctors take pride in their work and they do not cut corners or pass on the jobs to trainees. They use high end technology combined with skill to deliver amazing results. There's a very positive vibe once you walk inside the clinic and everyone from reception to doctors have an empathic approach to patients. I've seen tens of dentists throughout the years and never trusted anyone as much as I trust them. Lucky or well documented? I don't know. I just know that coming here was one of the best choices I made in my life. It's really not to much to say thatI love them all and I will forever be grateful for what they accomplished in my case. Blesses! 💚Off I go to have another apple. I so enjoy eating apples, finally! 🍎 😂P.s. I wanted to post a photo of the old me too. But that's horrible, I'm not gonna let that roam freely on the almighty internet. That "me" is gone now.
    Jelena SuklinaJelena Suklina
    12:01 17 Mar 23
    Hi, just would like to share my review about treatment in Antalya Dent smile, because this clinic totally deserves it.Starting from the day of arrival till the the last treatment day everything was on a top notch level.All staff is professional and friendly, including a driver, receptionist, surgeon, lady-doctor .I guess as well as technicians, I never met them though, but they did a brilliant job on my crowns.A special thank you to Mahmud,who been in contact from the beginning of my journey and made me to choose Antalya Dent Smile, as I had many other options before , I never regret a minute about my right choice. Clinic itself meets highest quality standards, well digitally equipped and contemporary. Highly recommended 👌 and can't wait to come back to finish my treatment 😊
    Owen McCawOwen McCaw
    03:14 04 Feb 23
    I can not speak highly enough of this clinic! After being failed my entire adult life by UK dentists coming here was the best decision I ever made! The level of care and attention to detail was 2nd to non, every member of staff was kind and friendly and the dental work carried out was exceptional, completely relaxed and painless, the dentist was thorough and listened and respected my opinion as well as offering the best advise for treatment. I cannot recommend this clinic enough. Fantastic service.

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